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Don Pelham, Founder | DPA Branding

Only one metric matters to Don Pelham:  his client’s bottom line success.  With his steadfast commitment to the science of Branding, Don keeps a watchful eye on revenue and, more specifically, profitability, looking for the optimum balance of his clients’ short term needs and long term benefits.  It’s a formula that has served him well in his 35 year journey from retail specialist to digital Branding pioneer and one that has generated millions, arguably billions, of dollars for those served by his talents. When his right-brained energies face off with his left-brained sensibilities, Don Pelham makes sure that every new idea passes the risk/reward ratio before asking his clients to write a check.  You can make the drive from Falfurrias, Texas to the Metroplex in about 7 hours, but when life lends a hand, it sometimes takes years. Don Pelham took his time, made a few stops along the way, and with his journey learned how to win hearts, minds, and consumer loyalty.

Beverage of choice:  Coca Cola.
Favorite Movie:  Video of his GBabies.
Favorite Quote:  “Nothing is impossible; the word itself says I’m possible.”

DPA Branding

It all starts with the Brand. But after 30 years and countless branding and imaging campaigns, we’ve learned that Brand building is much more a product of what you do, rather than what you say. It’s more than your logo (But that’s a key element). It’s more than fancy taglines and sloganeering (You may not even need them). Our experience with some of the strongest brands in the world has led us to a simple definition of the word Brand:

A Brand is a promise.

The customer’s interpretation of advertising messages as well as his or her experience at the point of engagement, must agree with that promise if a lasting and emotional bond is to be created. Kind of like the bond you might have with a good friend and the “promise” of what an encounter with that friend might bring. What feelings do you have when you think of that friend?  How would you describe them to someone else? Not just their physical appearance, but their personality, their reputation, their manner of speech. Their wit, their wisdom. Their strengths and shortcoming. Their ability to comfort, inform, entertain, satisfy, mystify, delight or disappoint…

That’s your friend’s Brand.

Before we get to the creation of engaging logos, supported by memorable monikers, slogans, tag lines and/or positioning statements.  Before we tackle sensory touch points like websites, social media platforms, digital and print ads, radio and TV commercials, billboards and other communication devices…we need to identify your brand. It’s a bit of a puzzle, but it starts with our proprietary Branding Process that helps our clients discover who they, and their enterprises, truly are.

Wanna grab a cup of coffee? Let’s start to reveal your brand prior to our meeting.